The Not-Prodigal Son

“The son said, ‘Father, listen! How many years have I been working like a slave for you, performing every duty you’ve asked as a faithful son? And I’ve never once disobeyed you.

But you’ve never thrown a party for me because of my faithfulness. Never once have you even given me a goat that I could feast on and celebrate with my friends like he’s doing now.

But look at this son of yours! He comes back after wasting your wealth on prostitutes and reckless living, and here you are throwing a great feast to celebrate—for him!’”

— Luke 15:29-30

The not prodigal son had a very valid point that I hope the father addressed. This is what a lot of employees deal with at their workplace. They do the right thing day in and day out. Never late. Always have a positive attitude, but they get nothing more than more work because they are capable of carrying the load; and they accept because they are willing to carry. But they don’t even get a pat on the back.

Instead leaders focus most of their time and energy on employees who are not producing. They’ll even throw pizza parties for the group when the low producers raise their numbers. You’ve all seen it. There’s nothing wrong with a celebration, but there is everything wrong with not praising people in the moment for doing what they are supposed to do.

I can almost guarantee if the father (who was probably distraught over “losing” a son) would have loved on his oldest son more while the prodigal was off sleeping with prostitutes, the oldest son’s reaction would have been totally different towards his father & brother.

The oldest son wasn’t upset his brother was back. He was upset his father didn’t keep that same energy.

What do you think?

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