Are you on the fence? Yes AND No

Have you ever stopped and considered what the common thread is between all of those decisions? They all start with a Yes and a No.

Can’t Fly? Can’t Come.

💌 I know you have a big heart but… ​ What you can do… Discuss your priorities with your loved ones, and why you’re doing what you’re doing. Do what you need to do then go back and help. Mentor and coach loved ones through the steps you took to get to where you are….

Simple vs Easy

💌 If you like it SHARE IT! What’s the difference between simple and easy, and why should it matter to you?​ ​​​ What can you do? Manage to your inputs. Read that book. Listen to that podcast. Take that class. Go to the gym. Show up early. Find a mentor. Listen to your mentor. Go for…

Hold You Up

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Why You Should Wait Before You Have That Tough Conversation

We react to tough conversations the same way we respond to a threat to our life. Our emotional brain shows up, and our limbic system kicks in. Adrenaline release. Heart beats faster. Veins and arteries open to supply more blood to your extremities. Digestive system slows. Rational thought processes decrease. Your body is preparing to…

Name Great: Ketchum

​ ​ Let’s start with introductions: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Trap Music and Beyoncé Sara Kirkland (SK): I’ll go first. My name is Sara Ketchum, formerly Sara Kirkland, I don’t know if I need to add that or not, but I did. I’m 28 years old. I’ll be 29 this year. I from Detroit, born and…

Doubting? Trim the F.A.T.

Every step is not your best foot forward, but hey – at least you moved forward. You’ve heard the adage that the beauty is in the journey, and I want you to believe that. “Life is queer with its twists and turns,” is a line from the poem Don’t Quit, and those words have been…

Memories Back

I question God because I’m looking for answer. I don’t question God because I don’t believe he’s right. I cried a few times because a piece of me is shattered. I can barely explain how I feel inside.