God, I sent a prayer to you yesterday

God, I sent a prayer to you yesterday. And I was hoping I would hear from you yesterday. Because I don’t have the time for them testing me. And I feel like they United because they dragging me.
I know I’m not a doctor but I’m about lose patience. I understand you can heal, will you accept a new patient. It’s really easy to see that your daughter’s mind’s racing. I’m running out of fuel. I need to hit the gas station.
I need some more of you so I can bear this tribulation. I’m tired of giving my all and I need reciprocation. Everything that I put out, they’ve got some kind of stipulation. Everyday I come in to work – my parade has precipitation.
God, I would ask that you be my umbrella. But I don’t want a cover, I want you to get their lives together. But I know you have a plan and this will work out for the better. Because you already said it so I just need some better weather.
After you’ve done all you can – you just stand it. And after you’ve done all your crying – you just plant it. And in due time the seed that you planted, digs roots, bears fruit and your enemies can’t understand it.
We tried to write her off but she keeps penning. We thought she lost the race but she keeps winning. OH MY GOD, YOU KILLED KENNY! Sike, we’re just kidding. She must be have a cheat code because she keeps living.
Back in the flesh like you never left. Nails in his flesh for your betterment. They tried to kill him too but he was heaven sent. The same God lives in you. Time to resurrect!

I wrote this a few years ago for a friend, but I know it holds true for somebody today. You’re going through it, but understand, whatever you’re going through has an ending. You’re not just going through it, you’re going to it. Your blessing is on the other side!

– Shell Brummell

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