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“For the greatest love of all is a love that sacrifices all. And this great love is demonstrated when a person sacrifices his life for his friends.”

‭‭John‬ ‭15:13‬

You don’t have to call me brother, friend is fine. Why?

Because Jesus didn’t say sacrificing for family was the greatest level of love. He said friends. Insinuating there was a choice made for the relationship to exist.

In most cases, you don’t get to pick your family, and even if you can, you don’t have to be friends with them; just like you don’t have to be friends with a blood relative.

Sacrificing for people you choose to keep around will always be the highest echelon of love. The magnitude of this sacrifice is determined by how much of yourself you are WILLING to give for the relationship.

In the most productive friendships, this is reciprocated, so there is no perceived imbalance. You lift me up. I pull you up. Repeat. Through this mutual self-sacrifice the relationship wins and we are all fulfilled.

My challenge for you today is to tell a friend you love them, then prove it.


  1. Do you have any friends that are closer than blood relatives?
  2. If so, how did the friendship(s) get to that point?
  3. Was your answer sacrificing for each other?

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