If you’ve been, you know college is expensive. You know about dollar menus, noodles, borrowing swipes, sharing clothes, books, classes, tuition, good broke fun, bottom shelf… juice. You remember how heavy the burden was at times. We want to help carry that.

In 2013, Julius Bryant and I started a scholarship. To date, we have handed out 4 awards of at least $1000 each. Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday! So, we want to raise more money to give out more scholarships. I’m not even going to lie, I want you to help us do it. But instead of just posting the link to our scholarship page, I would rather do this: #ITTAKESAVILLAGETUESDAY.

Starting tomorrow until Thursday, 100% of the profits from the “Vision” merch (the one with the baby) will be contributed to the Bryant-Brummell Business Award. https://shellbrummell.com/product-category/vision/

So yes, I am asking for your money! But, I am giving you a shirt in return. More importantly, you’re helping demonstrate a commitment to the advancement of underrepresented minorities in business by donating to the Bryant-Brummell Business Award! When I thought of “A Child With A Vision Can Raise A Village” I was thinking of supporting the visionaries who lack support. Let’s help them out. #shellbrummell #handingoutLs #ITTAKESAVILLAGETUESDAY

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