Shy Speaker Series: Get There First

My biggest struggle in life has been shyness. Has been, still is. However, I have learned that if I have something to say, it needs to be said. Because of that I’ve had to figure out ways to excel in my career as a facilitator even though my profession was the cause of my anxiety. So, I attended workshops around the country, read books, watched videos and practiced and practiced and learned and practiced.

So from my experiences, I will be providing tips to help others overcome their fears.

Here’s the first one: Get to the room first. I bet some of your anxiety comes from the idea of all of those people watching you when you walk in. What about this… What if you watched them walk in? What if you shook their hands, greeted them by name, told some jokes and controlled the environment?

By getting there first, you own that room. You own that space. Everyone who walks in is walking into YOUR domain. You’re setting your own tone. You’re setting the atmosphere. Try it. The energy comes from you and it helps curb the anxiety.

Let me know if these are helpful because if not, I’ll just post them on Facebook for people who don’t really care. 😂

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