It’s Not All Good but Most of it is

A lot more things are light with the world than dark. But our basic human need to survive prioritizes threats ahead of peace in our mind’s eye, as it should.

You literally have to force yourself to see the good in the world. Push yourself to see the beautiful people and the beauty in people. Appreciate the acts of kindness and the smiles from strangers. Understand that kind individual didn’t have to let you in this morning in traffic. Meditate on the grace you’ve been shown.

The kind words are not lip service. The hugs are not required. The “Are you okay” texts are not mandatory. Your old college friend didn’t have to check in on you. The bus didn’t have to wait on you. The flowers that were delivered were from an open heart. The GrubHub that was unexpected was from a caring soul. The laughter is real. The relationships that are not forced. The money that was gifted to you and not loaned was all love. Your accomplishments were not normal, don’t diminish them. Your gifts aren’t either.

None of this is promised but it happens on a far more regular basis than you would like to admit because then that would be admitting that there is more right with the world than wrong. We won’t dismiss the wrong as unimportant and will deal with darkness as it presents itself but our minds are stayed on light.

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