My Blog Post Titles are Oddly Specific because “Buzzfeed-ish” Headlines are a Little Annoying

I bet you can guess what this is about.

These 7 Simple tricks will make you a millionaire tomorrow…

We’ve all seen them, listicles. We’ve all clicked on them. Honestly, I’ve even wrote them…

Why You Should Wait Before You Have That Tough Conversation

10 Tips For Those Who Weren’t Born Gifted

…because they work. But all good things must come to an end, and I think it’s about time the sun sets on titles that target your deepest darkest desires, for now. I hesitate to say that because then my current oddly specific titles won’t stick out because everyone would be doing it.

It’s kind of like tattoos. At first they were taboo, edgy and different. Now to not have at least one makes you an outlier, and out I lay. Not having a tattoo is literally a conversation starter. No, I don’t have anything against anybody with tattoos. I just figured in a few years I would be the only person without one, so I would be the non-conformist.

It’s all a cycle, and to be on the opposite end of the cycle automatically draws attention. Is it the right attention? It depends. Today, if I wore the clothes I wore in 2005, I would be just in time for Halloween. I would look like a clown, but I would get attention, and that’s all headlines are after! So in my head, that’s why my oddly specific headlines work.

What do you think? Am I off base.

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