Less Connections. More Relationships.

Gotta unplug. You’re not drained. Outlets are charging your spirit, but with the wrong energy.

Your timelines crave your attention, while your attention can’t provide any time. Suffering from a lack of focus? I can see that. From everything except shade, of course. Can’t see that? Hashtag mentalhealthmatters.

Platforms that were designed to bring society together are tearing relationship apart. Relationships too. DMs are open, but souls are closed.

Too many likes and not enough love. Too many ♥️s and not enough hearts. Sharing my drama, but not my dreams. Sharing my dreams, but not my plans. Sharing my plans, but not for free. $Cashapp me. Link in bio.

Manufactured memories. Slide this closer. Lift that up. Hold this here. Smile. Less. A little more. Didn’t even really happen. Did it even really happen? Not without the perfect caption.

I can relate, but I’m more familiar with relationship. Disconnect to reconnect. Need to reset? Unplug for 10 seconds then… let the battery die.

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