What is Logistics?

I was an alright college student, not a genius by any means and I took my share of losses. One of those losses came in the form of an E in Business Calculus in the Fall of 2008. I flunked with like a 20%. There was no hope. The professor gave me the final and I gave it back 3 minutes later to enjoy the sunny day, no use in letting it go to waste like my GPA.

I called my mother to tell her what happened, and she said you did what you had to do, now do what you have to do.

I did, locked in, retook the class and got a B- (that was an A+ in my eyes).


This little mishap set me back an entire semester in college because Business Calculus was a prerequisite for the College of Business. My advisor suggested that since I was going to be in college for an extra semester, why don’t I add a double major in Logistics. I asked what is Logistics? I figured it out and graduated with two bachelor’s degrees in Logistics Management and Marketing.

Fast forward eight years, I work in Logistics and the College of Business sends me personalized Birthday Cards. Failing doesn’t make you a failure, BELIEVING you are a failure does.

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