How to Tie a Tie

Staring at myself in the mirror, tying my tie for my work, I realized that this was one of the many skills my mother taught me before I reached adolescence. As the fabric twists between my fingers – over and under, around and through, eventually forming a knot – I reminisce on growing up Brummell and how my mother, with the help of my father, prepared me for manhood from childhood. Cooking, laundry, cleaning. School, hard work, Jesus.

The faith she instilled in me is priceless. She taught me how to love God and how to love people like how Jesus loves us. Constantly reminding me that nobody is perfect because we all make mistakes and that we must forgive.

Love will always reign supreme no matter how evil the world may seem and that words are not enough. She taught me actions are needed and if you won’t do it, don’t speak it. Your actions need to be true to your word (integrity), and your words need to be true to your actions (truth).

  • Take action when nobody else will – “Sit down, Now!”
  • Speak up, you need to be heard – “Shut up, sometimes you need to be quiet.”
  • Always keep your head up – “Stop squinting.”
  • Reach higher – “Stop jumping.”
  • Keep going – “Stop running.”
  • Go see the world – “Come in the house before dark.”

I always knew what she really meant. To my mother, I love you. Thank you for teaching how to tie a tie.

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