“The Servant-leader is guided by fixed principles.”

Before an interview, my mother once told me, “If you have to do something – do it nervous, do it afraid; but not doing it is absolutely not an option.  You will find the strength, and your fear will be forgiven.” Those words have since been adopted as my leadership philosophy.

In life, we face many tough existential fork-in-the-roads. Great leaders often know the correct path to take, but the gap between the right thing to do and having the courage to do it is usually the one leaders must bridge.

My mother’s words reassured me of what I knew in my heart to be correct:

Have a goal in sight (Vision)
Do the right thing (Integrity)
Utilize the tools you have (Application)
God will forgive any fear or doubt (Courage)
Moving forward is non-negotiable (Continuous Improvement)